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Sos League

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The sos league is a place full of opportunities for girls and boys where they can enjoy the sport and enjoy unforgettable experiences.

How is it?

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  • The Sos League is a sports league that offers help or other opportunities for children who have difficulties or problems at home. These people have the opportunity to be part of a team of any sport.
  • It is a free league, the purpose is that everyone can enjoy sports with friends, we offer leagues for many sports from basketball, volleyball, football ...
  • .With the help of the government and the effort of our volunteers, we will get all the material to carry out this activity. First of all we need the ideal place that would be a public place with enough space to do the activities, in addition we would need two volunteers for activity to teach sports, we need a lot of sports equipment that we can achieve through a campaign to collect Sports material where all people can participate and give. The idea would be to do 4 main sports: volleyball, basketball, tennis and soccer and little by little we would expand sports.